Gas Boiler L1PB20-C28WM (WIFI)

Model number: L1PB20-C28WM (WIFI)

Type: Gas boiler
Nominal Power input: kW 20

Warranty: 3 years
* Manufacturer reserves the right to 
change specifications or design without prior notice.
Price: 1730 GEL
Appliance TypeC12
Appliance CategoriesI2H
Supply Pressure20mbar
Nominal Heat Input20
Minimum Heating Input8
Nominal Heat Output17.9
Minimum Heating Output7
Radiator heating temperature regulation range30~80
Floor heating temperature regulation range30~60
Temperature regulation of the sanitary hot water35~60
Applicable water pressure of the heating system0.4~3
Minimum pressure of the sanitary hot water0.2
capacity(△t=25℃) kg/min10.2
capacity(△t=30℃) kg/min8.5
Rated voltage/frequency V/Hz220-240/50
Maximum E/power W120
Waterproofing classIPX4
Heating water outlet/backWater interfaceG3/4
GAS interfaceG3/4
sanitary hot water/ cold water interfaceG1/2
Coaxial smoke tubemm Φ60/Φ100
net weight29
overall dimension700*420*243mm

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