Warranty terms of service

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Warranty requirements:

You must provide a warranty card together with a payment document (check, instalment agreement and etc.) to receive warranty service. The coupon should contain the date of purchase, the model of the purchased product, the name, surname of the user and the shop seal.

The loss of the warranty card is subject to recovery in the event of presence / representation of another document confirming the purchase of the product. The warranty card is subject to restoration if the warranty period set by the seller for the product is not overdue.


The guarantee conditions don’t apply:

- In case of correction of coupon;

- In case of mechanical damages;

- If relevant technical services (cleaning of filters, drainage system, etc.) are not rendered during the warranty period;

- On hardware accessories (door, door glass, door rubber, switch handle, door handle, foot);

- If the damage of the product is caused not by the manufacturer's fault, but by its misuse and violation of the rules of operation;

- In case of contact with liquid, steam or other foreign things;

- if damage occurs as a result of a power outage (voltage change), damping of the mechanism, corrosion, exposure of high and low temperatures.

- If the repairing is made without applying to the seller or to other service centre authorized by him. (Mechanical damage, exposure of chemicals, arbitrary repair, installation, dismantling, repair works, unstable voltage).

- The unit was out of order due to fire, flood, or other natural disaster;

- In case of storage and consumption of products in unsanitary conditions (rodents and insects).

The warranty terms do not include free shipping.

Guarantee obligations:

Upon receipt of the purchased item, check its visual condition in the presence of a Midea representative, if a visual defect is detected, the item will be replaced in accordance with company rules.

In case of factory defect, the product is subject to replacement within 5 (five) calendar days from the date of sale. After this period, the customer has right to request only repairing of the purchased product.

The customer ought to submit the item in full set, in a box and without external damages.

If the seller organization fails to repair the damaged product within 30 (thirty) calendar days after receipt of the product, such product shall be replaced in accordance with the rules established by the company, based on the technical conclusion, with new product of the same type or value.

The warranty conditions apply in different ways, in case of use of home appliances for business purposes.

In particular: the warranty period for large household appliances is 1 year after purchase; The warranty period for small appliances is 6 months after purchase.

This rule applies regardless of whether the product is purchased by a natural person or legal entity if it is established that the product is consumed / operated in public service facilities.

Standard installation includes:

  1. Attach the washing machine / dishwasher to the bathrooms and power supply at the installation site. In other cases, payment will be made by the customer.
  2. Connecting the electric oven / stove to the gas pipe and power supply at the installation site.


  1. Air conditioner - drilling a brick or block wall of 45 cm thick, fixing on the outdoor bracket, connecting the indoor and outdoor units to each other with prefabricated pipes.

(Cold concrete, monolithic wall and other non-standard wall do not provide standard installation)

  1. Hood - drilling a brick or block wall of 30 cm thick, hanging on the wall; the hood should be at a distance of 65-75 cm from the surface of the stove.

(If this standard is not observed, warranty service will not be extended in case of damage)







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