conditioner AG-12N8C2 Ioniser/Black

Model number: AG-12N8C2 Ioniser/Black
  • Power: 12000 BTU (35-40m²)
    Type: Inventer
    Wi-Fi Control
    A/A Class

    Warranty: 4 years
    * Manufacturer reserves the right to 
    change specifications or design without prior notice.
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Price: 1349 GEL 2249 GEL
Power supplyV-Ph-Hz220-240V,1Ph,50Hz
Cooling ClassA (New)
Heationg ClassA (New)
Annual Energy Consumption , Cooling Kwh548
Cooling (Standard conditions)Capacity Btu/h12000(4400-13100)
Input W1096(280-1393)
Current A5.5(1.25-6.1)
EER W/W3.21
Heating (Standard conditions)Capacity Btu/h12500(3600-13800)
Input W1015(300-1442)
Current A5.1(1.3-6.3)
Rated Power Input W2300
Rated Current A10.5
CompressorModel KSK103D33UEZ3
Brand GMCC
Capacity W2035/3255
Rated current(RLA) A2.40/5.65
Indoor fan motorSpeed(Hi/Mi/Lo)r/min1000/850/700
Indoor air flow (Hi/Mi/Lo)m3/h500/360/300
Indoor noise level (Hi/Mi/Lo)dB(A)38.5/31/23.5
Indoor unitDimension(W*D*H)mm729x200x292
Packing (W*D*H)mm790x270x375
Net/Gross weight kg8.1/10.4
Speed r/min850
Outdoor air flow m3/h1800
Outdoor noise level dB(A)55.5
Outdoor unitDimension(W*D*H)mm720x270x495
Packing (W*D*H)mm835x300x540
Net/Gross weight kg23.7/25.5
Refrigerant typekgR32/0.54
Refrigerant pipingLiquid side/ Gas side mm(inch)6.35mm(1/4in)/9.52mm(3/8in)
Max. refrigerant pipe length m25
Room temperatureIndoor(cooling/ heating)17~32/0~30
Application area (Cooling Standard)m220-25
GEAR Energy SavingYES
IECO Energy SavingYES
Flash cooling.HeatingYES
Golden FinYES
High Density Filters / Cold Catalyst filterYES
Low voltage80V
3D AirFlowYES
App Remote Control with wifi portYES
Super Cool / TurboYES
Follow meYES
Silence modeYES
Sleep ModeYES
Louver Position MemoryYES
2-way Draining YES
Wifi portYES

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